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#9 Xiao Chu The Small Accumulating
November 11, 2019





Dr. Bobby Klein is a clinical psychologist, spiritual and psychological educator, writer, and intuitive Life Path Counselor. He began his lengthy career as a pop icon photographer in the 60’s working with legends of the era including Janis Joplin and the Doors and earned international renown by spearheading the West’s introduction to mysticism and Eastern philosophy. A driving force in securing the legalization of acupuncture in America, Dr. Bobby Klein became one of the first practicing acupuncturists in the United States and has been paving the pathway of innovation in the conscious community ever since.

After spending decades developing a comprehensive understanding of the Healing Arts, Bobby has come to discover that he is most at home in the world of intuition. He has now dedicated his life to his career as a spiritual counselor and diagnostician, teaching others how to access their own intuition by making room for the soul in everyday life. Bobby is also the modern-day interpreter and translator of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle charting the universal flow of energy. His commitment to unlocking the intricacies of the I Ching has unveiled a healing tool and a soul language that connects thousands of people all over the world each week. The energy channels and the wisdom he imparts have been healing and life changing for 10's of 1000's of clients for over 40 years. Leading workshop and seminars, Bobby employs sacred technologies  to open heart and mind,  calling  on universal synchronistic guidance to explore expanded  consciousness. Currently, Bobby is the Founder and Director of the award-winning Yäan Wellness Spa in Tulum, Mexico. He continues his work as a teacher and author traveling the world to share his unique multi-dimensional methods through speaking engagements, retreats and private counseling.

Bobby’s journey is to help open the heart to Spirit by taking the journey to remembering one’s authentic self.

“You are the one you’ve been waiting for.” -Hopi Elders




My weekly interpretations and translation of the I Ching is based on the ancient Oracle that dates back to 3,000 BC. It is an oracle that charts the flow of yin and yang energies, revealing glimpses into the higher order of the universe offering guidance and healing as we make our way through this human journey. The sixty-four hexagrams are all possibilities, archetypes, all circulating within our individual and collective being at any given time. The timing of the I Ching hexagram holds the key to our liberation from the belief in an inauthentic self and opens our path once again to experiencing our truth: union with the divine, Oneness.