About Bobby Klein

Bobby’s long and winding road has taken him through a stint as rock and roll photographer for the Doors, Janis Joplin, and other pop-culture figures of the late 1960’s, to being influential in bringing the ancient healing modality of acupuncture to the United States. Dr. Klein is a light worker, clinical psychologist,  intuitive spiritual guide and teacher. The energy channels and the wisdom he imparts have been healing and life changing for his clients for over 40 years.




Bobby Klein’s journey into the Healing Arts began after his rock n roll  photographer days when he was confronted with a health crisis during the fast pace years of owning a natural food restaurant with partner Jack Nicholson. In a time before health food trends and when most people were discovering tv dinners, The Black Rabbit Inn in West Hollywood was the first of its kind and became a hit amongst the late 60’s socialite. To avoid eye surgery and search for a cure of an illness which could not be diagnosed by the normal channels of western medicine, Bobby set out to the back streets of Chinatown to find the apartment/office of Dr. Jim Shek Ju, a Chinese master with lineage dating back hundreds of years, who cured his affliction and became his teacher, and thus beginning his path into Chinese medicine and Eastern Philosophy.

Bobby completed his studies with Chinese Master Dr. Jim Shek Ju and along with a group of psycho-physiology students, established the first acupuncture clinic at UCLA, becoming one of the first recognized acupuncturist’s in America.  He was instrumental as one of the pioneers in the movement of its legalization of the practice in California and became the Director of Public Information for the National Acupuncture Association, Vice President of both the East/West Acupuncture Society and the National Association for Veterinary Acupuncture.

This path led him to understand that he had advanced intuitive and psychic abilities in diagnosis and counseling, and was the beginning of his 40 plus years career in the Healing Arts as he went on to continue his studies in psychology being trained by Malcolm Boyd Dana as a Jungian Analyst.



Healer, Life Path Coach & Therapist

Dr. Klein lived and studied with shamans, teachers and healers worldwide. Among them were the Hopi Native American Tribe and the Tibetan Buddhists. Bobby has become an influential teacher in spiritual and emotional growth, astral meditation and the intercals of the I Ching. After a successful practice as an intuitive psychologist, analyst, diagnostician and life path consultant in Los Angeles, he moved his practice to Tulum, Mexico where he is currently the founder and Director of Yäan Wellness Energy Spa, and where he continues with his private practice and to teach. Dr. Klein hosts workshops and seminars in around the world, these retreats and workshops focus to open the heart to spirit and to take the journey to remembering one’s authentic self.


Projects and Continued Work

In the recent years Bobby has worked with a number of cutting-edge scientists to develop new models in bringing energy to the body for healing and rejuvenation. He holds U.S. patents that have led to the development of nano particles that acquire transient light and convert it to wavelengths that improve energy flow and circulation in the human body.Bobby is also the founder of the Wisdom and Mystery School an international pop Up forum  bringing together leaders of today  to create the solutions to the major problems  society is presently facing. At this time he is completing the Pocket I Ching, a book for daily inquiry.  It is his translation and interpretation of the 5000 year old Taoist oracle that will be released in 2018.