In this class Bobby Klein will lead you on a journey to embrace the shadow side of the soul, transforming life's challenges into fodder for creativity, growth and deep healing. Through guided meditation, deep breath techniques, and interactive witnessing, you will release self limiting beliefs and patterns that have for too long blocked you on your path to peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction.

Be immersed in healing forces and gain effective tools that we all can access anytime to be set free from old soul contracts and karmic debts. In this way you can live a fully realized life and be your most authentic and actualized self. This class is open to all levels of students- from those just beginning their exploration into self examination and a quest for wholeness, to those who have long been on a committed path towards enlightenment. Bobby Klein will bring a fresh application to ancient techniques and values, offering those on the quest for deeper awareness the opportunity to come into balance with all aspects of self.

For more info or to book your $60 ticket, contact Maha Rose or email jenny@bobbyklein.com