Soul Journey 11/30 & 12/01 Toronto

In each of these profound one-day workshops, participants will be guided to uncover their authentic and highest self, the self of the inner healer, working for the greater good of the world. Through guided meditation, deep breath techniques, and interactive witnessing, you will release self limiting beliefs and patterns that have for too long blocked you on your path to peace of mind, spiritual satisfaction, and living your true potential. Discover how to attune the healing voice of the soul through specific energy work and experientially develop a stronger connection to intuition and the healing power we can all access. Through core witnessing, you will learn to open to and discover the healing truth of obstacles, moving with and becoming empowered by them, rather than allowing them to block or slow you down on the pathway toward enlightenment. Bobby Klein will bring a fresh application to ancient techniques and values, offering those on the quest for deeper awareness the opportunity to come into balance with all aspects of self.

10am-4pm Saturday and/ or Sunday

1 Day Cost: $295

2 Day Cost $295 x 2 less 20% discount (or $472 total)

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For more info, contact Saana Yoga, Toronto.

577 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1G3, Canada