Nurturing the Soul: a two and a half day INTENSIVE WORKSHOP to activate your vibrant, creative, loving, and peaceful human potential. Through dreams, deep breath meditation, astral travel, journaling, and much more we will work to summon our most fulfilled and authentic selves. We will learn to honor and hone our intuition/ deep inner knowing, allowing that to be our guiding principle, so we can be free to fulfill our individual potential as well as serve the greater good.

Why do this work? We have each developed certain strategies for coping with life and its challenges. For the most part, these strategies are based on belief patterns that have been set in place as a result of our early programming—by the family, one’s culture, the church, the educational system, and more. These programs have been reinforced by society for generations, and the resulting internalized patterns have caused aspects of our authentic, limitless self to retreat into silence. This keeps us locked in a state of low-level fear and denial, blocking our access to our own intuition, authentic joy and fulfillment, and the divine gifts bestowed on each and every human being by Providence/Creator/Spirit/God/Goddess/Atman. The time is now to let go of the “false self,” with all its distracting mental programs and negative patterns accumulated over many lifetimes, which collectively have created self-limiting beliefs, disturbances, and imbalances in each of us and on this planet.

Are you ready to embrace your unlimited potential for love, abundance, and peace—your true, authentic human endowments? In this intensive workshop, you will gently but effectively identify and release long-buried hurts, disappointments, and traumas, some remembered, some not. Through time honored breathing techniques, deep energy work, journaling, and exercises to activate your intuition, you will find the true stillness at your core, which will allow you to set your intentions and activate your potential. Through forgiveness and celebration rituals, storytelling, meditation, and dream interpretation, you will gain an understanding of how to embrace every situation with the realization that all is divine food meant to nurture your truth and growth. In this way you will be equipped to manifest all that you deserve and desire, by remembering who you truly are—all moving you toward answering the existential question, “Why am I here?”

Why now? We are in a powerful and unprecedented time-wave as it has been foretold by the Maya, the Hopi, and the I Ching. The male-dominated matrix of power and domination is crumbling. Powerful healing energy is available at this epoch of transformation of the planet; it is accessible to each of us. We are being invited to recognize the urgency of this exciting shift, and our pivotal place within it, and toward our individual and collective quest for balance.

Let’s dream our lives into being in this journey of self-discovery, fulfillment and deep healing...

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