Come join us at Habitas in their extraordinary, sustainable sanctuary for an incredible, healing immersion in TULUM, MEXICO. Meditation, Breath Work, yoga, learning to deepen your intuition, and many other modalities will intersect with an azure sea, great music, ancient pyramids, Cenote diving, incredible food, and luxurious accommodations... What a co-creation this will be!

"If perception is reality, we are masters of design. Our lives are our greatest masterpiece. With fervent desire and child-like wonder, we bring fantasies to life, creating realities far better than our dreams. Together, we share these worlds with one another, traversing borders in search of adventure. When we open our eyes, under starlit skies and dancing candlelight, we are home.

We welcome you to Reintegration, an immersive three-day wellness gathering at Habitas in Tulum, where we’ll reconnect to the creator in all of us. Tantalizing concerts, exotic ingredients and local escapes await us. This is an open call to discover ourselves both in conversation and silence, travel and stillness.

Only when we return to the source of our power can we embrace what lies ahead.”

Sept. 26th-29th, 2019

FOR INFO AND BOOKING contact us or go to Habitas directly. Limited in-person appointments will be available @ Yaan BEFORE & AFTER THIS RETREAT. Contact us or Yaan directly.