Opening The Sacred Portals
to Energy Healing And
Care of the Soul

April 23rd 11 am – 4pm
At Wanderlust Hollywood
Price Early Registration $150




In this 1 day  workshop you will be learn the methodology of passing through inner doorways that lead to deeper contact with guidance and spirit consciousness. In the past, many teachers have held this as “Secret Knowledge¨, at this time in our planetary evolution, Bobby feels to make this knowledge and technologies of depth accessible and universal to you as we gather in service to Gaia and the greater good.
You will be taught how to gain access to these teachings through methods of astral travel and other sacred technologies.

Working With and Empowering Your Intuition

Using guided meditation, breath and interactive dynamics you will join with collective consciousness and universe guidance to retrieve the primal memory of all that is good and pure of heart. With Bobby´s guidance, you will have the ability to move through sacred portals into your parallel universe; the dimension where your guidance, stillness and wisdom are made available.

This is The Attunement of The Goddess and The Warrior

Through processes and interaction you will move in harmony with your innate intuitive force. When tuned and trained in trust, this inner force will carry you on the road toward abundance, love and the depth of your expanded consciousness.