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The I Ching dates back to 3000 BC, to the reign of the emperor Fu Hsi, who invented the original trigrams. It is an oracle that charts the flow of yin and yang energies, revealing glimpses into the higher order of the universe; it is also a book of Taoist philosophy offering guidance as to proper conduct and procedure as we make our way through this human journey. 

These weekly readings are a particularly powerful way to use the I Ching for our own and others’ benefit because by focusing our group awareness on any one hexagram’s energy, we create a field of resonance that allows the meaning to emerge with even greater clarity for all of us—like wind rustling not just one leaf on the tree, but all the leaves.



Rupert Sheldrake uses the term morphic resonance to describe this kind of phenomenon, whereby there is a feedback mechanism in which the field—our collective consciousness—and our individual consciousness resonate. The greater the vibration, the more we condition the field of unity consciousness and bring our shared values into form.

The sixty-four hexagrams are all possibilities, archetypes, all circulating within our individual and collective being at any given time. By invoking the power of divine wisdom, our awareness is brought to bear on those aspects of ourselves—mental patterns, habits, persistent thought forms—that create a feeling of separation. The timing of the I Ching hexagram holds the key to our liberation from the belief in an inauthentic self and opens our path once again to experiencing our truth: union with the divine, Oneness.



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Personal I Ching Reading

“Thank you Bobby for all the work you do for Love, light and the betterment of All. Your messages inspire, move and motivate me to be the best I can be, and to stretch and expand to be even more than that. Love and joy!” -Jennifer H.

Bobby’s endless, life changing testimonials speak for themselves. The extraordinary feedback Bobby Klein receives daily speaks volumes about the impact his readings have on individuals’ lives. Dr. Klein is a light worker, intuitive spiritual guide, educator, and one of the only modern day interpreters of the I Ching, a deeply effective ancient tool for helping to bring clarity and direction. Within each reading, Bobby brings an arsenal of wisdom and tools with his clients, cultivated over 40 years as an intuitive, enlightened witness, and practitioner of Chinese Medicine and healing. Private I Ching readings bring his universal insights to laser point clarity tapered to an individual on their unique path. Before the reading, Bobby encourages private clients to email 2 questions about aspects of their life that need attention and healing. Please expect a 2-4 week turnaround to receive an in-depth and very personal reflection that will be emailed as a recording and a document.

Please pay for your session here and then CONTACT BOBBY with your personal questions regarding sessions and booking.


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My journey with the I Ching


My work on the translation and interpretation of the ancient oracle has had a strong effect on the winding road of my life path.

In the halcyon days of the 1960`s the I Ching was in popular use in my community of artists, musicians and friends. I would use it to shed light on situations and to look for answers of whether to precede forward or retreat and what was the correct behavior in important decisions of my life. The phase of the I Ching’s popularity faded as pop psychology of a faux spiritualty came into play.

My studies of Jungian Analysis led be back to the I Ching some years later and became an integral part of my counseling practice. There were mad and wild societal changes going on in society in those days. The ancient translations I was using began to seem more than obtuse. They were stilted and stiff and I found them steeped in old ways of thinking when relating to the changes that I felt were necessary to make ones way with a clear and confidant stance.


The translations spoke of old ways of relationship, business and societal structure. The clients in my practice and myself were living in ways that did not relate to these ideas. Having learned the rudiments of the Chinese language while studying and then teaching traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Taoist thought I took it upon myself to attempt a new and what I hoped would me a more accessible translation of the Oracle for my clients.

I researched and was able to find a copy of the Yi Jing that experts told me dated back over 1500 years. I found this text to be lyrical and without artifice and quite modern in the way it dealt with our everyday obstacles, difficulties and relationships.

This translation has been in progress for over thirty years, my teachers have included Professor Wen-Shan Huang, Master Gim Shek Ju, and Master Marshall Ho’o. They would painstakingly take me through the original Chinese texts of the I Ching, helping me with its translation and application.

Please read these translations and interpretations of mine weekly and you will find it to follow a thread in the tapestry of your life. My Book of the I Ching is due for publication soon as a moment to moment guide for living a full, joyous and abundant.