Bobby Klein Exhibition:
May 10th - May 13th

Opening : Thursday May 10th l  6pm- 8pm  
Ocumare Restaurant  at Be Tulum Hotel

Ocumare and Be Tulum, in conjunction with Art with Me, are pleased to present Bobby Klein's first photography exhibition in Mexico. 

In the late 1960’s Bobby Klein, broke into the world of professional photography after compiling a book of all the photographs he had taken as a co-producer on ‘Live Dance Party’ shows in LA.  He took his book to all the record companies where he had photographed music personalities and convinced some of the art directors to take a chance on him. Klein soon became the West Coast Photographer for Colombia Records, the official photographer for The Doors and Jim Morrison and he has photographed the likes of Janis Joplin, Dennis Hopper and Steve Martin. Klein’s images have become iconic, inspired  by pure intuition, preserving the moments in time. Bobby was recently interviewed by The Guardian, featuring his Best Shot, "Jim has beer for Breakfast".  Bobby Klein was also a consultant to Oliver Stone on the Film the The Doors and coached Megan Ryan and Val Kilmer for their roles in the film.

The Doors of Perception shows Klein’s insightful and powerful work and has been exhibited in the United States and Europe. The images tell the story of  friendship and divine moments shared with Jim Morrison when they were neighbors in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. All was possible, love was word and peace was in the air.

“These images are a collection from the late 1960’s. Jim and I were neighbors in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, sharing friendship and some divine moments laced with poetry, women, beer and hash from Afghanistan. These images are a slice of memory, art and beauty of the 60’s and tell of a time of innocence when all was possible. Love was word and peace was in the air.”
— Bobby Klein