The Wizard of Tulum How the Doors’ Former Photographer Became a Psycho-Spiritual Healer

By Malika Dalamal

Jun 1 2018

From shooting Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison to healing people over Skype, Bobby Klein's life has been one crazy journey…

“Quite honestly, I don’t like the word spiritual very much.” This is how Dr Bobby Klein responds when I ask him what a psycho-spiritual healer is – a term I find used all over the internet to describe him. I can almost see him cringe. “It’s in the same category as inner child for me – a phrase that is just… overused.”



Nobody Panic. The Healer is Here.

By Nikita Stanley

Thanks to today’s pervasive Internet culture, the term “influencer” now immediately connotes an image of a heavily-filtered, twenty-something-year-old, announcing to their 100k followers that a certain detox tea is all they need to revolutionize their lives.

Genuine influence, however, is a much subtler artform; one that has been mastered by very few – Bobby Klein being one of them.

From a Rock ’n’ Roll photographer for the The Doors and Janis Joplin, to a pioneer in the natural food movement (he owned and operated LA’s first organic restaurant, The Black Rabbit Inn, with his then-business partner, Jack Nicholson), the 74-year-old trailblazer was an influencer before being “an influencer” was even a thing.

But at the height of his entrepreneurial success in the restaurant business, he confronted a health crisis that would prove to be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening that sparked a lifelong journey into the Ancient Healing Arts and eventually led him to his current role as a Spiritual Educator.



Yäan: a shaman-inspired wellness resort

By Inge Theron/ Spa Junkie

November 22, 2014

Our spa columnist embarks on an intense three-day spiritual and physical cleanse in the Yucatán. Will it prove as life-altering as promised?

Away from the touristy end of Tulum’s 7km beach, close to the Sian Ka’an nature reserve in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, sits a cool bastion of the gypset movement – Be Tulum. Designed and owned by Argentine Sebastian Sas, the 20-bedroom boutique hotel opened four years ago, but after a vision prompted by an encounter with a shaman, Sas recently decided to expand it with an energy spa and wellness centre, Yäan.

Here, fellow Tulum resident Dr Bobby Klein runs healing cleanses, spiritual enlightenment sessions and meditation classes. A former photographer who toured with The Doors, Klein is one of the pioneer practitioners of acupuncture in the US and an influential spiritual and I Ching teacher. He has brought in Inca healers, doctors, yoga teachers, massage therapists and personal trainers, and I’m ditching mescal and ceviche to partake in an intense physical and spiritual cleanse…



A Post-Fashion-Week Pampering Getaway

By Julie Earle-Levine

March 6, 2014

…Everything at the spa is fundamentally Mayan, from the temazcal— a domed sweat lodge made out of clay and cement — to the herbs used in the body scrubs and massage, baths and energetic cleansing treatments, which are plucked from the organic rooftop garden. And each treatment begins with a signature healing-water circuit, which includes water therapy pools, a sauna and a steam room. “We call them healing waters because the spa uses natural cenote waters — water from Yucatan’s natural sinkholes that is very clear and fresh — which are purified through a complex osmosis and energy system,” explains Bobby Klein, the spa’s director. An L.A. transplant who has lived in Tulum for three years, Klein boasts a 45-year career in the healing arts and also offers intuitive life path counseling and energy work to help guests explore the mind, body and spirit. “New Yorkers need it,” he says. “We get a huge rush after Fashion Week, especially.”



The Most Captivating Photos from Tulum's Art With Me*GNP Festival

by Kara Ladd

Jun 4, 2018

Mindful Moments

Clinical psychologist, intuitive spiritual guide and teacher, Bobby Klein, led an awe-inspiring introspective journey through the mind, body, and soul’s archetype teaching attendees how to tap into and ground their intuition.



Secret Luxury Spots In The Bohemian Beach Paradise Of Tulum, Mexico

by Jim Dobson

August 12, 2014

At the Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa located directly opposite the Be Tulum Hotel, owner Sebastian Sas and Dr. Bobby Klein have created what I consider one of the world's best spas. My four hour luxury journey was something I will remember forever and at a price of over $700 something the average tourist will never experience.

Klein is an offbeat, graying former Southern California hippie who sprinkles his wisdom with four letter enthusiasm. Entering a space of peace and relaxation through energy transfer, I held a large crystal while he cradled by head and whispered Mayan channeling; emotional and psychological injuries were made clear and opened my heart to healing. My session with him was not only inspiring but allowed a window of thinking and hope for an amazing future to come. This is exactly what I needed for my week away from a high stress job in Hollywood.



Yaan Wellness, Tulum


Many of Tulum's inhabitants came to visit and never left. It's the pull of nature: miles of aqua sea and white sand backed by thick Quintana Roo bush; off-grid night skies full of starlight and moonbeams. As well as honeymooners and partygoers it has drawn world-class teachers; one of these is Yäan's wizard-like spa director, Bobby Klein. A former rock photographer who hung out with The Doors and the Stones in the 1960s, Klein was one of the first Westerners to practice acupuncture in LA. These days he's an in-demand Intuitive Life Counsellor and his powerful energy radiates throughout Yäan's sparkly-walled wonderland. Follow the white smoke trail of copal (a sacred resin Mayans burnt to connect to the divine) and it'll take you down to the therapy pools and garden treatment cabins.