Bobby’s feedback speaks for itself

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“I build community experiences for a living. Bobby has facilitated workshops for our events as well as for our team members. Through his incredible wisdom, presence and ways I left feeling invigorated, recharged and connected to myself and my team. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Langely McNeal

“I have been following Bobby’s weekly audios for more than a year now. They have been truly inspiring and helpful through difficult moments in my life. I am very grateful. Thanks for sharing information that is a balm for my soul.”


“Hi Bobby. Thank you so much for your work. I listen to your I Ching readings every week and they are at the core of my inner journey which has been and continues to be beautiful and challenging. You help keep me on the right path.

Love from Bali,”


“Hello Bobby,

I was introduced to your teachings by a friend, Nazan R., whom I met at a meditation retreat in Peru. Nazan first met you during a one on one session in Tulum. She says that led her on a path which ultimately put us together.

Our souls have been reunited after many lifetimes of missing one another. She is the most amazing soul I’ve ever know. I’m grateful for every moment I’ve had to share this human experience with her over the last 8-9 months.

I’ve been listening and reading each week from here in Melbourne Australia for the last several months. I am going through tremendous change in my life and the weekly teaching have been an amazing spiritual tool for me. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. I’m am very grateful for you and your love and light.

On Sunday the 19th I’ll be moving from Melbourne to LA to start a new chapter in my life, and to live in the same city as Nazan for the first time. My spirit is overflowing with love and gratitude for the abundance of beauty and peace and joy all around us.

I hope to meet you one day in person. You’ve touched my life and I’m better having benefitted from your wisdom and love.

In La’Kesh
Namaste my brother,”

“Thank you Bobby for all the work you do for Love, light and the betterment of All. Your messages inspire, move and motivate me to be the best I can be, and to stretch and expand to be even more than that. Bless you and your days with peace, love and joy!”

-Jennifer H.





“I have known Dr. Bobby Klein for many years and have personally consulted with him in addition to his weekly I Ching readings and listening to him speak live. Of the many teachers out there today Dr. B is an authentic, true master who combines his intuitive spiritual insights with grounded, experienced, real advice. HIs wisdom demonstrates exactly what it means to be an elder in an ever expanding spiritual community. I consider him both a guide and friend and recommend his work to all who are ready to listen and grow.”


An attendee to a NYC workshop writes…

Last week at Deepak HomeBase, in a room full of almost 120 cautious New Yorkers, it was beautiful to witness how quickly Bobby inspired trust in the audience to explore unfamiliar terrain. What had been a group of veritable strangers were at once transformed into traveling companions, and together we meditated, did Breathwork, considered the brain's elasticity, (and with that how we define ourselves and can shift that more easily than we realize), and the opportunities that so often are presented because of life's challenges. Indeed it is the unexpected challenges that we are presented with that best help us grow, and set us on our more authentic and rewarding paths, if we can let go of what we think life and we "must" be.

The two hours or so were power packed with all this and more, and a few unforgettable exercises in the denouement that sealed the deeper work with joy and sweet connection: a laughing-as-meditation-lie-in where everyone formed a head to belly human chain of giggling insta-intimacy while Bobby delivered his worst jokes, followed by a circle of gratitude, and more hugs than anyone had received in an hour ever! (May it be known that New Yorkers are not immediately receptive to being instructed to "hug everyone in the room," especially one so packed.)

Yet it was delicious to see every face softened by laughter and connection, and again, trust, both of each other and I dare say more significantly of ourselves thanks to another exercise that Bobby slipped between all the rest.

Randomly separated into lines, we were told one side were the "doctors" and the other the "patients."

"Doctors, please focus on the spot just above your "patient's" head. Rest you eyes there and take in what their energy field is telling you, then scan their bodies with your eyes, and more importantly your hearts, where the real brain lives." I have always considered myself an intuitive person, but the specificity of information I received and that was confirmed as accurate by my partner was astounding, and her awareness of me and my "issues" were just as on point, as were our neighbors who seemed just as astounded by the experience. One of Bobby's core teachings is "You are the one you've been waiting for." That is a potent and crucial message when most humans love to put greater faith in things outside of themselves than they do their own unique abilities, their own direct connection to spirit, to purpose and highest path, and to health. But if we can't trust, love, and connect with our truest selves, how can deep intimacy, trust and connection possibly exist with others? Then we turn to doctors, to priests, psychics, and healers for answers because we too often discredit our own wisdom, and our own power to heal.

That exercise was by far the most potent for me, revealing how intuitive we all are, how deeply powerful. That, braided in with the others, and the reminder that we are each "The other you," lent us all new, easily accessible tools that we could carry back out into the world. I am the other you. That's what I thought of that night when I peered so deeply into my "patient's/doctor's" eyes and heard Bobby's words echoing: In Lakesh Ala K'in. This wisdom, handed down from the Mayans as a greeting, but which Bobby also incorporates into his workshops and writing, provides a beautiful lens to peer through to diminish our perceived divides, remove some of our judgements, and allows us to be more compassionate. What was this woman with her soulful eyes showing me about myself? I noticed a hint of overcompensation of the masculine, an old grief not released, more. How could I reflect back only love to her, allow her to understand without pity or excuse that I too carry my own grief, my own imbalances and longings, woven into my humanness, along with humor, creativity and curiosity, so much more.

Looking forward to his upcoming talks and workshops. Indeed Bobby offers simple, compassionate medicine, direct access to all we need from within. The workshop was not about rehashing wounds or even "work." It was about connecting with ourselves and each other, and dropping into sweetness, about being real, staying grounded, about having a daily practice, and yes, some very bad but effective jokes.

With gratitude, love, and In La’kech Ala’Kin,